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Gutter Care Year Round

Those who thought about hiding their Easter eggs in their roof gutters when they saw them this spring know the importance of year round care. If it were not so dangerous because they’re up on the roof, it is actually a great idea for an adult Easter Egg Hunt. The other problem, of course, is what ended up happening to those gutters that went too long without attention.

Year Round Gutter Care - Nashville TN - Gutter Man of TN

Obviously, the accumulation of debris that offered such great hiding places stopped the water from moving easily through them. It mostly sat there, so the roof gutter rusted and now drips all over the deck. In addition, the down-spouts froze. That is why the vertical guttering down the sides of the house are now leaking everywhere, and it is why the screws have popped out.

That, in turn, explains why the expansion of those gutters with freezing led to the elbow and horizontal extender bursting free. That is the reason gallons of water drip and rush onto the ground directly next to the home’s foundation when everything melts. In case you are not aware, water leaking into the foundation in this matter is NOT a good thing.

That scenario is no exaggeration. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of keeping gutters in good condition year round. Every season holds its own challenges for gutters and homeowners and the start of every one is the time to check gutters. It could just as easily be the end of each but what is important is that the gutters are clear of dead things, budding branch tips, falling apples, and leaves.

Whether it is ‘the very beginning’ or the ‘end’ of a season, keeping gutters free of debris are a very good place to start. In at least one of those seasons every year, however, the cleaning and inspection should be done by a qualified gutter specialist. This ensures that the gutters are not only clean, but that they are also checked for any structural problems.

Cleaning Your Gutters Annually

Trust us, you really do not want to learn from your own experience what can happen if gutters are neglected. Learn from ours instead, and save yourself an unbelievable amount of trouble when gutter problems actually threaten your home. Remember, the main purpose of the gutter is to deflect water and if they are clogged, this obviously is not happening.

Gutter Inspections - Nashville TN - Gutter Man of TN

That seems self-evident, and so does the need to keep gutters free of debris and in good condition. The problem is, gutters are not things that anyone but specialists typically pay much attention to because they are purposely ‘blended into’ the exterior. Even roof shingles are more frequently seen because they are more likely to be encompassed in everyday viewing of your home.

Seeing Is Believing

You just do not see much of your gutters and what you can see is not necessarily informative. Untrained eyes are not likely to see screws that are not there…until the section falls off. No one can see through the guttering, but certified specialists can see what is not there. They can also remove any obstructions for the gutters that do not belong without damaging the roof or the gutter system.

Doing your own regular cleaning of gutters is extremely important but so is putting trained eyes on them once a year. Gutters can pull away from eaves and create gaps even before popping the screws out, assuming they were  already in place. What looks to others like rust that can wait another year might look like trouble to people who are educated in this profession.

Our goal is to be sure you are not one of those people that ignored the small details and waits until it is too late and real damage is done. In fact, we want you to learn as much as you possibly can about the importance of your gutters being in good condition. We are just trying to save you the grief that comes with the learning curve when it is based solely on first-hand experience gained from having to put too much money out of pocket because these simple repairs were permitted to go un-addressed for far too long.