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How Bad Gutters Can Destroy Your House

clogged_gutter_Gutterman-of-TN_Nashville_TNHomeowners often neglect their gutters. The gutters go unnoticed because people forget about them or even purposefully avoid them due to the hassle of providing proper care. Reaching gutters on some homes can be downright dangerous, but this is no excuse to ignore them. Call a professional out to your home to care for your gutters because leaving them unattended can have expensive consequences.

A very common issue with gutters is a small leak. If the gutter has a hole, the bare metal of the gutter is exposed to water, leading to rust and deterioration. Eventually the entire gutter structure could give way and collapse. A gutter specialist can identify and repair a leaking gutter during an affordable, routine inspection, which costs significantly less than purchasing and installing brand new gutters to replace the rusted ones.

Roofs can also suffer the consequences of bad gutters. If the gutters do not properly drain water, any water or snow that does not spill over the edge will sit on the roof. This additional weight puts strain on the roof, causing early aging. The stagnant water can also seep under the roof tiles, which will result in water damage to the wooden support structures and to the drywall or plaster surface inside the home.

If the gutters fail to drain properly, water will spill down the side of the house and gather against the foundation. The concrete foundation readily absorbs the sitting water and turns into a leaking basement. A wet basement causes its own variety of problems like mold, potential gas leaks or electric shocks, and water damage to personal items. In addition, a wet concrete foundation will experience regular contraction and expansion during the freeze and thaw cycle of winter. This upheaval weakens the structure, causing cracks, settling or even collapse.

As the water washes down the side of the house, sits stagnant on the roof, or puddles at the foundation, it has the potential to hit structural wood beams in the house. When this happens, the wood will suffer from rot and decay. Furthermore, insects love moisture, so the wet puddles and wet wood will attract pests like ants, cockroaches and even termites.

Finally, poorly draining gutters can damage the areas surrounding your house. Landscaping beneath the gutters with water spilling over the rim will suffer from oversaturation, which kills most plants. If your sidewalk or driveway lies under any spilling gutters, the additional weight of the water or snow constantly splashing on the same area will cause sagging and cracks.

While pretending your house does not have gutters may seem easier now, when you have no choice but to address a cracked foundation, a moldy basement, or termite infested wood beams, you will feel much differently. Have an expert inspect and clean your gutters at least once per year – more often if you have a lot of trees. If you live in the area of Nashville, Tennessee, contact the Gutterman of TN for a professional consultation.

Rain Chains: Decorative Alternatives to Downspouts

A rain chain at workAs The Gutterman of TN, I understand the desire for combining beauty and style with function when it comes to the look of your home. One way to improve the aesthetics of your gutter system is to install rain chains to protect the foundation of your home from soil erosion by diverting rainwater runoff from your gutters. Widely used in Japan for hundreds of years, installing a rain chain can add a bit of Eastern decor to your house. Rain chains can also play a creative yet important part of a rain collection system. I would like to tell you more about these attractive alternatives to downspouts.

Add a Bit of Zen to Your Garden

Often mistaken as wind chimes, rain chains are generally made from durable copper that will become even more attractive as it ages with that classic green patina. Most commonly, rain chains consist of a series of cups or links chained together, and the rainwater travels downwards through the hole at the bottom of each cup or around the links. One of the benefits of a rain chain is the soothing, meditative sound it creates as the water cascades down the chain through each cup or link.

Conserve Water By Installing Your Rain Chain Above a Rain Barrel

The Japanese use rain chains as a pathway to a rainwater collection container, such as a decorative basin or a rain barrel. By diverting water directly to a catchment device, a rain chain serves an essential function. If you do not have a rain barrel or other container for collecting rainwater runoff from your gutters, you can arrange for the water to go straight into a planting area. The Gutterman has experience with installing rain barrels with rain chains, and we know the best places to put your rainwater collecting system.

Explore the Design Options When Choosing a Rain Chain 

As the popularity of using rain chains as downspouts is growing in our country, you can find different types of rain chains, other than the traditional Asian minimalist style. Cups can be found in shapes such as umbrellas, watering cans, and flowers, according to the Mother Nature Network. When shopping for a rain chain, you will also see a variety of materials, including stainless steel and bamboo, being used to create the chains. Whether you prefer the look of a traditional copper cup chain or a whimsical, fun, and modern creation, you should consider all of the options you have when looking for the perfect rain chain for your home.

Understand the Importance of Proper Installation

The reason why The Gutterman of TN recommends we install your rain chains is to prevent drainage problems due to installation mistakes. When rainwater is not diverted away from your home, the water begins to pool around the foundation. This can cause mold, mildew, a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and possible cracks and other damage to your home’s foundation. We know the best ways and locations to install rain chains to save your house from drainage issues.

If you would like to know more about rain chains and rain barrels, contact The Gutterman of TN today. We will be happy to teach you about this way of conserving water and protecting your home from drainage problems.