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Common roof problems

Too often, roof problems go unnoticed until there’s a major issue, like rotting supports or water leaking through your ceiling into your home. We’ve compiled a list of the five elements of your roof most likely to cause a maintenance problem. If you watch out for warning signs, you can identify potential roofing problems and address them before they become invasive and expensive home repairs.

Roof Problems to Look For - Nashville Tn - Gutterman of TN


Fascia is the vertical edging that runs along the bottom of your roofline. It creates a protective barrier between the elements and the bottom of the roof. It also prevents water and moisture from making its way into your home at your roofline. The most common problem with fascia is moisture damage. It’s important to regularly check your fascia for signs of water damage and moisture, and water-damaged fascia can lead to water damage in the rest of your home’s structure.


If you stand under the eaves of your roof and look up, you’ll see your soffit. Soffit has small vents in it that help with air circulation, drawing moisture heat and moisture away from your home and helping to regulate the temperature in your attic. Make sure you check your soffit regularly for cracks and signs of water damage. It’s also important to look for holes or damage caused by insects or rodents, as they are drawn to this portion of your roofline and can cause damage or enter the rest of your home.


Flashings seal any disruptions in your roofing, like the portions around vents, skylights, chimneys and pipes. Flashing prevents water from leaking into your home at these weak points in your roof. Most flashing is made from galvanized steel and can corrode or break down over time. It’s important to have flashings checked regularly to avoid having water leaking in through your roof to your home’s supports.


You’re familiar with your gutters: They usher water away from your roof and away from your home’s foundation. The most common problems with gutters, of course, is that they can become clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris, preventing them from working properly. Gutters also can become dislodged or develop leaks over time. It’s important to keep your gutters in good working order, as failing gutters can lead to water damage, and mold and mildew growth under your roofline.


Shingles are, of course, the primary means of protecting your home’s roof from the elements. As they age, shingles can curl, buckle, break or separate from the roof. Any weakness in the shingles, of course, puts your home at risk for major water damage. Be on the lookout for any curling or missing shingles, as well as any discoloration in your roof, which can be an indicator of water damage.

If you notice any areas of concern in your roof, call The Gutterman of Tennessee. While our name says Gutters, we can fix any of your roofing problems and save your home from more extensive water damage.

The Gutterman of TN also installs roofs

Our name might not suggest it, but The Gutterman of TN also installs quality roofs! We pride ourselves on providing Middle Tennessee with top-of-the-line roofs meant to stand up to all of Tennessee’s brutal weather conditions.

Every roofing job performed by The Gutterman begins with top-quality products. The roofing materials we use are only the best from the leading companies in the roofing industry, Owens Corning and Certainteed. All roofing materials we use are UL-tested and certified to prevent algae growth, provide impact protection and withstand the harshest wind. Our roofing systems will increase your the look of your home and can even make your home more comfortable and lower your home’s heating and cooling bills.The Gutterman of TN also installs roofs - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN

In addition to using top-quality products, there are several reasons you should consider The Gutterman when it’s time to replace your roof:

  • We’re a local company. Consumer-protection agencies warn against hiring roofing companies that aren’t based in your area. Often, those companies will travel through towns when demand for new roofs is high — after a weather disaster or in spring — and then the roll back out of town when demand decreases. The problem there is that they are concerned with doing as many jobs as possible in as little time as possible, without much concern for quality. And when you have a problem with your roof, they’ve already left town.
  • We have decades of roofing experience. Contractors that perform sub-par roofing jobs don’t stay in business for long, which renders any warranties they give worthless. The Gutterman has been roofing houses in Middle Tennessee for decades because we do the job right, and you can be sure that we aren’t going to disappear any time soon if you have concerns regarding your new roof.
  • We can provide plenty of references. The Gutterman has served countless happy customers. We can provide you with references, which you always should have when considering a roofing company. We can direct you to some of our previous jobs so you can see our attractive, high-quality final product.
  • We come with credentials. The Gutterman is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and a recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. When you hire The Gutterman, you can be confident that you’ll deal with professionals who will do the job right and treat you with respect. We’ll leave you happy with your new roof and with the roofing experience.

If it’s time to put a new roof on your home, call The Gutterman of TN today! We’ll show you all of our high-quality roofing options and walk you through the advantages of each one. We’ll help you select the roof that is right for your home, and we’ll provide you with an honest quote. While our names might not say “roofs,” our service experience does! Let us show you the quality roofs The Gutterman has to offer.