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Looking for an elegant and long-lasting gutter system? Choose copper gutters!

Choose copper gutters Image - Nashville - Gutterman of TNIf homeowners were asked to describe their perfect gutter system, most would say that they want something that looks attractive and requires little to no maintenance. Some may say that beautiful, maintenance-free gutters that last for decades are a pipe dream, but they do exist. Copper gutters provide a beautiful addition to any roof line, and they last a lifetime.

Sound too good to be true? Here are the facts on why you should choose copper gutters for an elegant and long-lasting gutter system.

Copper gutters provide a beautiful look that stands out.

While copper gutters have a host of benefits, most homeowners first consider copper gutters because of their unique aesthetic appeal. Where most gutters are utilitarian, copper gutters serve as a design accent to your home’s roof line. When copper gutters are first installed, they have the shiny finish that is characteristic of the metal. Over time, the gutters do develop a patina — first turning dark brown, then purple, then green — that many homeowners enjoy. For homeowners who prefer to preserve the glowing look of newly installed copper gutters, a sealant can be installed to prevent oxidation.

Copper gutters last for generations.

Typical gutter systems have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. Copper gutters, on the other hand, can last up to 100 years. Unlike other types of gutters, copper gutters won’t rust, corrode or crack. In any weather, from the freezing temperatures of winter to the blazing heat of summer, copper gutters will maintain their strength and structure. They’re incredibly strong and can withstand the burden of ice or other elements that can crack, damage or destroy other types of gutter systems. While copper gutters do cost more to install than other types of gutters, you will recoup the difference because you won’t have to regularly replace your copper gutter system.

Copper gutters are maintenance free.

With the exception of clearing away leaves and debris, copper gutters require no regular maintenance. And of course, gutter guards can protect you from having to clear out your copper gutters, too! Because of its natural shine and eventual patina, copper gutters never need to be painted or scrubbed. With proper copper gutter installation, copper gutters will not sag or pull away from your home, saving your from constant gutter maintenance and repair.

If elegant, durable and maintenance free copper gutters sound like the perfect fit for your home, call The Gutterman of TN to schedule a consultation today! We can talk to you about your copper gutter options and provide a quote for installing copper gutters on your home. When The Gutterman of TN installs your copper gutter system, you can be sure you are buying a long-lasting gutter system that both protects your home from rainwater runoff and adds to your home’s architectural beauty.

Is your home having water drainage issues? We can help!

Lets us Help with Water Drainage Image - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TNWater drainage issues can be frustrating. When water pools around your home or floods into your basement, it can be inconvenient at best and damaging and costly at worst. If you see signs of water drainage problems around your home, The Gutterman of TN can help!

Signs of drainage issues

Water pooling around the outside of your home or on your basement floor serve as obvious signs that your home has drainage issues. There are some more subtle signs of drainage issues that you should be aware of to be sure that water runoff isn’t doing damage to your yard or your home’s structure.

Damaged landscaping. Improperly draining gutters can flood your landscaping. It can displace mulch, stone or landscaping features, cause depressions in the lawn or landscaping beds, or turn vegetation yellow or cause plants to die.

Overflowing gutters. If you see water streaming over the sides of your gutters when it rains, it is obvious that your gutters aren’t draining properly. You may not actively see the water flowing out of the gutters, but you might see water or mud streaks or splatters down the sides of your home.

Stained basement walls. Water stains on the basement walls can reveal one of two problems. Stains higher up on the walls are evidence that gutter downspouts are dumping water against your home’s foundation, while lower stains might reveal a larger drainage issue. Flaking deposits on your basement walls also can be signs of drainage problems.

Cracked foundation. It’s normal to see small cracks on your basement walls or on the exterior foundation of your home. If you see larger cracks developing — cracks that are 1/8 inch or thicker — monitor them to make sure they aren’t growing, which could be a sign that water is damaging your foundation.

Solving drainage issues

Many drainage issues are caused by improperly functioning gutters. Gutters that are clogged by leaves or debris, gutters that are improperly sized, missing or misdirected downspouts and damaged or leaking gutters all can cause water to drain against your home and cause damage. Once you see the signs of improper drainage, it’s crucial to have your home’s drainage inspected immediately, before pooling water can do expensive damage to your landscaping, house structure or foundation.

If you have noticed signs of flooding, pooling water or overflowing gutters around your home, call The Gutterman of TN to schedule an appointment today! We can inspect your entire gutter system for improper sizing, missing downspouts, damage, blockages and other problems. We can help you find solutions to your drainage issues, whether it is a simple cleaning, redirecting downspouts, placing rain barrels to capture some of your storm water runoff or replace your gutter system with properly sized gutters that won’t become blocked or leak.