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Is Water Leaking Into Your Basement?

Are April showers bringing water into your basement? Water in your basement can be an annoyance: It can put you on clean-up duty each time it rains, and it can prevent you from using your basement or parts of your basement as you’d like to. It can make your basement feel damp and smell musty. Water and your basement can go beyond an inconvenience, however. It can lead to mold growth and foundation damage that can be costly to reverse.Is water leaking into your basement? - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN

What’s causing that water leak?

To solve your basement water woes, you have to find the source of the problem. Most often, water leaks into a basement because of improper drainage. A home’s drainage system should cause water to flow away from the home each time it rains. If that’s not happening, the water pools against the foundation and seeps into the basement.

Very often when basements leak, the gutter system is to blame. When gutters aren’t functioning properly, they fail to keep water safely away from the base of your home. You’ll likely have to inspect your gutters to locate the source of the problem. Clogged gutters can overflow when it rains, dumping water directly against your home’s foundation.

Sagging gutters, cracked or damaged gutters can pose the same problem. It could be that the gutter system itself is flowing just fine. However, when the water flushes out of the downspouts, it might be pooling against your home. Downspouts should deposit water at least four to six feet away from your home.

How can you fix gutters to fix basement leaks?

If you determine that a failing gutter system is causing your basement flooding, it’s crucial to get the system working smoothly as soon as possible. Neglecting your gutters can damage your siding, soffits, and foundation, among other things. Clogged gutters are an easy enough fix; make sure you clean out your gutters at least twice a year to keep your gutters flowing. If you dread the task of cleaning your gutters, or if your heavily wooded lot makes leaves a constant problem for your gutters, you might want to consider installing gutter guards to keep debris out of gutters and prevent blockages.

Have you walk around your home and noticed that gutters are cracked, have holes or are sagging away from your home’s roof-line? If so, it could be time for a new set of gutters. Call in the professionals to have your gutter system evaluated. If the gutter system is flowing smoothly but water is being deposited too close to your home’s foundation, you can solve the problem with simple gutter extensions. In addition, you can have an underground drainage system installed to usher water away from your home’s foundation.

Are you ready to stop basement leaks? Call The Gutterman of TN!

If you’re sick of a wet basement or worried about the damage that water is causing to your home’s foundation? Call The Gutterman of TN! From replacing a failing gutter system with seamless gutters that will keep water safely away from your home’s foundation to installing gutter guards to prevent gutter clogs, The Gutterman can help you keep water away from your basement and protect your home’s foundation.

Are Your Gutters Starting to Sag?

One of the most common gutter problems is sagging. Over time, your gutters can start to pull away from your roof-line and look droopy. In addition to making your home look sloppy, sagging gutters can cause a host of severe problems that can be a costly fix. That means it’s important to keep an eye on the state of your gutters. Take a look at your roof-line: Are your gutters starting to sag?Are Your Gutters Starting to Sag? - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN

What causes sagging gutters?

Gutters sag for a variety of reasons. Over time, the supports that hold your gutters in place can give way, releasing the gutter from the roof-line. Gutters also can become full of leaves, debris, snow, ice or water, and the excess weight can pull gutters downward. That weight and pressure can damage the gutter and its supports. Gutters also can become damaged and begin to sag if a ladder has been propped up against the gutter while you clean gutters, hang Christmas lights, wash windows or access your roof.

Why are sagging gutters a problem?

Sagging gutters can result in a variety of problems in and around your home. When a portion of your gutter system sags, the gutters can no longer effectively wash rainwater away from your home. The water can pool within the gutters and make the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Water can overflow the gutters, causing it to pool along your home’s foundation, flow back into your home’s eaves or flood into your basement. All of that water flooding into or pooling along your home’s structure can cause expensive damage if it’s not addressed quickly. The pressure put on your roof-line by sagging gutters also can cause damage.

What can be done about sagging gutters?

If you notice your gutters sagging, you should not wait to address the issue because damage caused by sagging gutters will only get worse — and more expensive to fix — over time. The fix for your sagging gutters will depend on the extent of the problem causing the sagging. Broken supports might be fixed; removing leaves or an ice dam might resolve the sag; and a small sag along one section might need to be repaired. If your gutters are old and the sagging is extensive, you might need to replace your gutters.

How can sagging gutters be prevented?

If you are like most homeowners, you hate to get on your ladder to deal with your gutters. You don’t have to fall victim to sagging gutters! SafeGuard gutter guards can keep leaves and debris out of your gutters. That means you won’t have to get up on your latter to clean away the blockages that can lead to pooling water and sagging gutters. With SafeGuard gutter guards, your gutters will continue to flow freely, preventing sags from debris, pools of water and ice dams, and protecting your home from water damage.

If your gutter are sagging or need replacing, call The Gutterman of TN to schedule an appointment today! We can diagnose the cause of the sag and prescribe a fix that will have your gutters operating properly to protect your home from water damage.