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4 Common Gutter Problems

Gutters do the heavy work when rain and fall come so make sure that your gutters are ready for the new season. They are easy to overlook until there is a problem.

Here are 4 of the most common gutter problems you may face and what you can do about it.


The most common gutter problem is also the most simple: Clogged gutters. Gutters have to be cleared from debris regularly. This should happen twice per year to keep water flowing and prevent blockages, wintertime ice dams, overflows, and damage. Have your gutters cleaned at least every spring and fall, or have your gutters fitted with gutter guards that keep debris out of your gutters?


Gutters can become damaged over time, whether from standing water, ice, wind, impact or age. Aging gutters can develop cracks or holes, especially at the seams, that can cause the gutters to leak. Your gutters should be checked several times a year for signs of damage.


Another very common gutter problem is failing supports. Your gutters attach to your home with metal fasteners that can break or warp. When that happens, gutters sag away from your roofline and no longer catch water or channel water safely around your roofline and away from your home. Again, check your gutters regularly to make sure they remain securely against your roofline.


Often, gutters haven’t been installed properly, and improperly installed gutters won’t funnel water safely from your home. Gutters should have a pitch to keep water flowing. For every 10 feet, gutters should slope down a ¼ inch so that water flows through the gutters and toward downspouts.