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All about the SafeGuard Gutter Guard System

When Fall comes around,  many homeowners start to consider gutter guards. As leaves fall and fill your gutters, many homeowners begin to contemplate what they could do to avoid having to clean their gutters year after year. The Gutterman of TN has the solution to preventing clogged gutters: SafeGuard Gutter Guards. Here’s what you need to know about the SafeGuard Gutter Guard System.

Why SafeGuard Gutter Guards?

leave clogging the gutterSafeGuard Gutter Guards provide a gutter guard system, unlike others. With SafeGuard Gutter Guards, a micromesh stainless steel overlays the gutter on a durable metal frame. When water pours down the roof, it’s able to enter the gutters through the ultrafine openings in the mesh. The mesh is so fine, however, that leaves and twigs and the smallest debris isn’t able the enter and clog the gutter. In addition to its unique micromesh technology, SafeGuard Gutter Guards offer additional advantages over other types of gutter guards, including:

  • The ability to fit over existing gutters. SafeGuard Gutter Guards can be installed as part of an overall gutter system. But if your gutters are still in great shape, you can have them fitted with new SafeGuard Gutter Guards, saving you money on new gutter guards.
  • Stronger supports. SafeGuard Gutter Guard System include gutters that are fitted with stronger supports than normal gutters. This means your gutters will hold up better and be less prone to drooping or sagging over time.
  • Larger gutters. SafeGuard Gutter Guard Systems feature 6-inch gutters and 3-by-4-inch downspouts. These larger gutters and downspouts accommodate water from the heaviest rainstorms or snow melts so your gutters won’t overflow. Water is also safely ushered away from your home’s foundation.
  • Modular construction. SafeGuard Gutter Guards are installed in pieces. That means if your gutter guards are damaged by a falling tree or another disaster, the individual damaged piece can be replaced without interfering with the rest of the gutter guard system.
  • Custom colors. SafeGuard Gutter Guard systems come in a variety of colors so you can choose the gutter system that complements the look of your home.

Why The Gutterman?

If you’re looking for a new gutter guard system, there are no one out there better than The Gutterman of TN. The Gutterman, Scott Brasfield, has worked in the home improvement industry for 25 years, and he’s specialized in gutters, gutter guard systems, and roofs for more than 14 years.

Scott is fully licensed and insured, and he’s deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of his business. That means when you choose The Gutterman, you’re getting a contractor who is experienced to complete the job the right way. You are also getting someone who is committed to serving their customers and meeting their expectations and needs. If you’re ready for SafeGuard Gutter Guard System, then call The Gutterman of TN to schedule your consultation today!

All about ArmorGuard Gutters

Fall is almost here, and that means falling leaves will soon begin filling your gutters. If you dread cleaning your gutters as much as most homeowners, you should know that there are alternatives: ArmorGuard Gutter Guards. AmorGuard Gutter Guards protect your gutters from debris of all shapes and sizes, so you won’t have to climb the latter and muck debris out of your gutters to keep your gutters flowing smoothly. If the thought of never cleaning your gutters again sounds appealing, here’s everything you need to know about ArmorGuard Gutter Guards.All about ArmorGuard Gutters - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN

What are ArmorGuard Gutter Guards?

ArmorGuard Gutter Guards is a gutter guard system that fits right over your existing gutter. Once in place, AmorGuard Gutter Guards prevent even the smallest debris from entering your gutters while still allowing water from rain and melting snow and ice to flow through. ArmorGuard Gutter Guards have a low profile, so they won’t interfere with the look of your home’s roofline. Their anodized aluminum frames keep the metal in the gutter guards from reacting with other types of metal, so ArmorGuard gutter guards are compatible with all different types of gutters.

How do AmorGuard Gutter Guards work?

ArmorGuard Gutter Guards feature a fine, stainless steel mesh over an aluminum frame. The aluminum frame fits easily over existing gutters, covering the entire gutter opening with the fine stainless steel mesh. The stainless steel mesh is so fine that it prevents any debris, no matter how small, from entering and clogging your gutters. In fact, stainless steel mesh has been listed by consumer groups as the most effective material for gutter protection. The mesh keeps out small debris like pine needles and roof grit, and doesn’t trap larger debris, like leaves and twigs, on top of it. And because ArmorGuard gutter guards are a completely closed system, they prevent pests like squirrels, birds, and bugs from making a home in your gutters.

Are ArmorGuard Gutter Guards difficult and expensive to install?

Absolutely not! AmorGuard gutter guards can be easily and quickly installed by a professional gutter company on almost any type of existing gutter. On top of that, ArmorGuard Gutter Guards are a cost-effective gutter guard system. They provide an alternative option to more expensive gutter guard systems for homeowners who don’t want to have to clean out their gutters but who don’t want to invest a lot in their gutters.

How can I get AmorGuard gutter protection on my home?

If you’re ready to save yourself from the dreaded task of cleaning out your gutters this fall, call The Gutterman of TN! We proudly install AmorGuard Gutter Guards on any home, and we can assess your existing gutter system to make sure it’s up to the task of protecting your home from water damage. Call to schedule your consultation with The Gutterman of TN today to learn more about AmorGuard gutter guards!

All About SafeGuard Gutter Guards

Have you imagined what it would be like to never clean your gutters again? Gutter cleaning is a nearly universally hated task, and at one time or another, most homeowners have thought about installing gutter guards or finding other alternatives to keep from having to climb their ladders to manually muck out their gutters. One option — in face, the best option — for protecting your gutter guards from debris are SafeGuard Gutter Guards. Here’s what you need to know about SafeGuard Gutter Guards and how they could help you.About SafeGuard Gutter Guards - Nashville TN - Gutterman

What are SafeGuard Gutter Guards?

SafeGuard Gutter Guards are a revolutionary gutter protection system. They are made from sturdy frames outfitted with stainless steel micromesh. When debris blows across your roofline, the micromesh prevents the debris from entering your gutters. Simultaneously, the micromesh allows water from precipitation to safely wash away from your home.

What sets SafeGuard Gutter Guards apart?

The SafeGuard Gutter Guard difference lies with that stainless steel micromesh. Unlike other types of gutter guards, the SafeGuard mesh won’t become blocked with debris over time. The gutter guards also won’t become overwhelmed in heavy rains, leading to gutter failure. Another benefit of SafeGuard gutter guards? They can actually strengthen your gutters. The fronts of a SafeGuard gutter guard system can bear 35 pounds of weight, while the tops of the mesh can bear up to 60 pounds.

How do we install SafeGuard gutter guards?

SafeGuard gutter guards fit to the tops of gutters. Installed in sections, their interlocking system prevents seams from separating and prevents weak points or gutter guard failures in the future. Unlike other gutter guards, SafeGuard gutter guards attach to the fascia along your roofline, rather than to the roof itself, which can lead to the voiding of your home’s warranty.

Do SafeGuard gutter guards require an entirely new gutter system?

Another standout feature of SafeGuard gutter guards? SafeGuard gutter guards don’t require an entirely new gutter system! SafeGuard gutter guards can be installed to the tops of your existing gutter system. Of course, if your gutters are in substandard shape, The Gutterman can outfit your home with an entirely new SafeGuard gutter guard system. This system comes complete with oversized gutters, sturdier hangers and SafeGuard gutter guard toppers.

Fall will be here before you know it, so save yourself from the hated task of cleaning falling leaves out of your gutter! Call the Gutterman of TN to schedule a consultation to learn more about having SafeGuard Gutter Guards installed on your home.

The Advantages of ArmorGuard Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can be a great addition to any home, but many homeowners worry about the impact of installing quality gutter guards. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s time to examine the benefits of ArmorGuard gutter guards. ArmorGuard gutter guards are a budget-friendly gutter guard option. On top of that, ArmorGuard gutter guards offer a host of other advantages.The Advantages of ArmorGuard Gutter Guards

Micromesh Technology

When it comes to gutter guards, industry experts and consumer groups agree that micromesh is the way to go. Micromesh gutter guards feature holes so small that the openings that let water in are nearly invisible. That means that while water can enter the gutters and flow safely to the downspouts, debris — no matter how small — can’t enter the gutters. With micromesh gutter guards from ArmorGuard, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again.

Universal Installation

ArmorGuard gutter guards don’t require an entirely new gutter system, unlike other gutter guards on the market. ArmorGuard gutters guards allow you to install guards on your existing gutters, saving you money and time. In addition, ArmorGuard gutter guards are installed at the same pitch as your roof. Therefore, debris won’t become trapped in the seam where the gutter guards meet the gutter or the roof.

Strong, Versatile Aluminum Framing

ArmorGuard gutter guards feature strong, aluminum framing. The aluminum is anodized to increase its strength and versatility. The frames allow ArmorGuard gutter guards to be installed against gutters of different metals without adverse reactions. The framing is also very durable, as it won’t break down or corrode over time.

Durable Adhesive

ArmorGuard gutter guards attach to your existing gutters with a high-grade rubberized adhesive. The adhesive withstands all temperatures and all weather conditions. It won’t become hard or brittle and break away. The adhesive will hold the mesh reliably in place year after year.

20-Year Warranty

You don’t have to take our word for it that your ArmorGuard gutter guards are durable enough to protect your gutters year after year. ArmorGuard comes with a 20-year warranty, so if your gutter guards do show signs of failure or wear, you have something to fall back on. The warranty also is transferable, so you can offer it as a benefit, should you ever choose to sell your home.

If you don’t ever want to clean your gutters again, call The Gutterman of TN to schedule a consultation today! We can talk to you about the advantages of ArmorGuard gutter guards and walk you through the process of having ArmorGuard gutter guards installed on your home. With ArmorGuard gutter guards, you’ll get a durable, reliable gutter guard product that relies on industry-leading technology, and you’ll get it at a great price.

Animals and Your Gutters

Gutters don’t seem like a great habitat for living things, but there are plenty of animals who would happily make a home or seek shelter in your gutter system, especially if there is debris in the gutters. Animals in your gutters are more than a nuisance; they can damage the system, use the gutters to gain entry into your home, or even pose a health hazard. Here’s what you need to know about animals in your gutters and what you can do to keep them out.Animals and Your Gutters - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN

Animals you might find in your gutters

You might be wondering what types of animals like to nest inside gutters. It may be surprising to learn that a variety of animals commonly make their way into gutters. Some animals who like gutters include:

  • Squirrels populate nearly every neighborhood, and they’re notoriously good climbers, so it’s no surprise that squirrels are often found in gutters where they can nest or hide food. Squirrels in gutters can be a problem particularly for homes that have a lot of branches hanging over their roofline.
  • Birds. Not surprisingly, birds will nest in gutter systems. Gutters are especially welcoming if they’re already filled with a layer of debris that can be used as a base for a nest.
  • Possums and raccoons. They might seem too large to fit, but possums and raccoons enjoy the quiet shelter of gutters. That can cause a major problem, not only because of the weight and stress they put on gutters but also because they will bear and raise offspring in gutters.
  • Cats. It’s no secret that cats like the high ground. Gutters provide them the sheltered vantage points they enjoy. Unfortunately, that means that your gutters might attract feral cats to your home.
  • Snakes and lizards. It’s not uncommon to find snakes and lizards lurking in gutters. They’ve been known to climb tree branches to gain access to gutters or make their way up downspouts.

Keeping animals out of the gutters

Animals in the gutter can cause all sorts of problems. That’s why you should take the necessary steps to keep pests out of your gutters. Some strategies include:

  • Cleaning your gutters. Keeping your gutters clean is important for a variety of reasons. It removes nesting material for animals, and it upsets any animal nests that have already been made.
  • Trim back trees. Overhanging tree limbs create a pathway to your gutters for animals. Trimming tree limbs away from your gutters can help block animals’ paths to your gutters.
  • Create alternative habitats. Giving animals better alternatives to your gutters can help keep them away from your roofline. Consider adding bird or squirrel houses to your yard. Planting trees and shrubs, as well as low-growing cover, away from your home also encourages animals to nest and seek shelter there.
  • Install gutter guards. One of the most foolproof ways to keep animals out of your gutters is by installing gutter guards. Gutter guards will block any possible entryway into your gutters, preventing any damage they could cause while still allowing water to pass through.

If your gutters need to be repaired after being damaged by animals, or if you’re ready to keep animals out of your gutters with gutter guards, call The Gutterman of TN to schedule a consultation today!

Benefits of Installing SafeGuard Gutter Guards

Gutter guards have become increasingly common — both in application and in advertising. When it comes to gutter guards, you can’t do better than SafeGuard gutter guards from The Gutterman of TN. While the benefits of gutter guards might seem fairly straightforward, there are plenty of benefits of gutter guards that you might not have even considered.Installing SafeGuard Gutter Guards - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN

Never clean your gutters again!

The most obvious benefit of gutter guards is what most people are looking for when they consider gutter guards: Maintenance-free gutters! Gutter guards keep debris out of your gutters, saving you from having to clean your gutters multiple times every year. What you might not realize is that many types of gutter guards still let some debris in, or will collect debris on top. SafeGuard gutter guards are different! With SafeGuard gutter guards, you truly won’t ever have to climb a latter to muck out your gutters ever again.

Keep pests out of your gutter and away from your home.

You might not realize it, but gutters offer an inviting environment for pests and provide some animals with entry into your home. Unguarded gutters can play host to mice, birds, squirrels, and nests of mosquitos or other insects. Gutter guards keep animals from nesting in your gutters, or from entering your gutters and finding gaps in your home’s siding or seams that allow them to gain entry into your attic or walls.

Prevent gutter overflows and water damage around your home.

When gutters are blocked, they don’t perform their function of shuttling water away from your home’s structure and your home’s foundation. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up into your home’s eaves and under your roofline. Overflowing gutters can cause water to flow down your siding, seep around your windows and pool around your home’s foundation. All of this can cause serious problems in your home, from mold growth and water-based rot to basement flooding and foundation damage. SafeGuard gutter guards keep your gutters flowing and prevent water damage in and around your home.

Stop ice dams.

Ice dams can cause a major headache during the cold-weather months. The heat in your attic melts the snow on top of your roof, causing it to flow down toward the gutters. If the gutters aren’t ready to usher that water away, the water re-freezes as the colder edges of your home. As cold weather persists, the ice buildup can grow larger and larger. It can damage your gutters and your roofing, and force water back into your home.

Extend the life of your gutters.

Believe it or not, gutter guards can actually extend the life of your gutters! When gutters are clogged with debris, they can become weighed down and sag and warp away from your home. The supports can fail, and the gutters can crack. The wet, rotting debris can cause rust and an overall breakdown of the gutter. Because gutter guards prevent the buildup of debris, they can prevent the breakdown of your gutter system and extend its overall lifespan!

If you don’t want to deal with cleaning your gutters again, and if you’re ready to realize all of the benefits SafeGuard gutter guards have to offer, call The Gutterman of TN to schedule a consultation today!