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The best way to protect your home from major damage and stave of costly repairs is to spot and address small problems before they have time to worsen. This principle applies to everything from roof leaks to gutter damage. That is why you should have your gutters inspected at least twice per year.

Reasons for gutter inspections Gutter Inspect & Installation - Nashville TN - Gutterman of TN

Depending on the type of gutter system you have, there are various problems your gutters can face. Old metal gutters can rust, warp or corrode. Jointed gutters can leak. Nearly any type of gutter system can become clogged or pull away from the roofline. While gutters may seem like a small component of your home’s structure, they work to prevent serious structural damage. Leaking, missing or damaged gutters allows water to damage your home. That damage can include rotting roofs or walls, mold within the homes structure, drowned landscaping and even water or structural damage to the foundation.

When to have your gutters inspected

At the Gutterman of TN, we recommend scheduling your gutter inspections to coincide with your annual gutter cleanings. Gutters should be inspected each spring to see if they have suffered any damage from heavy snows, freezing temperatures and the heavy waters flow of the spring thaw. They should again be inspected in the fall, to coincide with the removal of leaves and other fall debris. It also is wise to have your gutters inspected after any major weather events. Gutters can be dislodged by heaving winds or flying tree limbs in a severe storm, or they can be damaged by heavy hail.

Of course, you also should schedule a gutter inspection if you notice signs of damage or weakness in your gutter system. That includes overflowing gutters that floods your landscaping or yard, mold or discoloration around your home’s walls, cracks in the gutter system, fallen downspouts and gutters that have pulled away from the roof. It is important to have these problems addressed before they can do major damage to your home.

What happens during your gutter inspection

When The Gutterman of TN performs your gutter inspections, we will provide a thorough check of your entire gutter system. First and foremost, we will check your gutters for proper installation to make sure that your gutters won’t compromise your home’s structure with water damage. We will inspect the gutters for signs of damage, including holes, cracks, disconnected joints, pooling water, sagging and warping. We also will check all gutter connections and downspouts to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

If your gutters are overdue for an inspection, if your gutters have never been inspected or if you have noticed signs of damage or weakness in your gutter system, call The Gutterman of TN to schedule an appointment today! We will make sure your gutter system is flowing smoothly or, if we notice any problems, we will recommend fixes to keep your gutters and your home safe from water damage.