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Frequently Asked Questions About SafeGuard

Q: Will SafeGuard work with my existing gutters?

A: Yes. SafeGuard covers will work with your existing gutters. We can also install new seamless SafeGuard gutters and covers. It simply depends on your needs and preferences.

Q: Can I still install SafeGuard if my house doesn’t have a fascia board?

A: Yes. It is easy to do a simple fascia board build-out that will allow installation of SafeGuard. The Gutterman can help you determine how SafeGuard covers could be modified to work on your home if the system is right for you.

Q: How does SafeGuard work in freezing weather?

A: SafeGuard is designed to perform well in all weather conditions, even in Nashville & Middle Tennessee where we sometimes have long periods of freezing temperatures. Due to the system’s unique design, ice will not form inside the gutters—only on the top. This protects the gutters from the harsh effect of freezing and thawing ice, a process that pries the gutters off of your home over time. In addition, SafeGuard’s comprehensive draining system helps eliminate wind-blown water from backing up and freezing under your roof’s edge. This makes the potential for ice damming much lower than with other gutter guard systems.

Q: Does SafeGuard come in many colors?

A: Yes. SafeGuard is available in a variety of colors. However, one of the reasons homeowners love this product is that it is low-profile and will not be seen from the street. The Gutterman of Tennessee can provide samples of SafeGuard color choices upon request.


When you understand how the SafeGuard system works, we think you’ll agree it is one of the best gutter guard systems available today.