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Why SafeGuard is the Best Gutter Guard Choice

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At least two to three times a year, someone will need to clean out your gutters, and it will be you or someone you hire. But let’s face it, cleaning gutters is a difficult task that puts you at risk for a fall every time you climb on a ladder or get on the roof, and falls are the number one cause of homeowner injury. Hiring cleaning crews can be costly and adds the risk of unfamiliar people— who may or may not have the proper insurance and credentials—working on your property.

Eliminate the Worry

SafeGuard eliminates the hassle and worry of having to clean your gutters. And the SafeGuard system is better than other gutter protection products (often called gutter helmets or gutter guards) because of the unique, patented hanger system it uses. The hangers are made from ultra-strong, all-weather polymers that provide strength and stability to make sure your gutters never sag.

Safeguard gutter guards---016The SafeGuard system also uses full, six-inch wide gutters. These larger gutters are able to handle more water flow. The system also features oversized, 3”x 4” downspouts that flush this water and debris off your roof and away from your foundation, which is the most important reason to have gutters on your home.

If Needed, Easy Repair

The gutter cover and the actual gutter are separate pieces, so if your cover is ever damaged by a falling tree branch or other accident, it is easy to replace just the cover and not have to dismantle and replace the entire gutter and downspouts.

Unlike other gutter guard products, the SafeGuard system attaches to the fascia board and does not touch any part of your roof structure. This means you will never have to worry about your roof warranty being voided because of the gutter system installation.

Comes in Many Colors

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The SafeGuard design is smooth and discreet. It blends with your home design and will be virtually invisible from the street. However, the system is available in a variety of attractive colors and will never need to be painted.

The SafeGuard system is strong and functional. The cover and gutters are designed to never bend or flex, even under the toughest weather conditions — including gale force winds, ice, and extreme temperatures.

Most importantly, SafeGuard is guaranteed for life. If it ever clogs, a certified SafeGuard maintenance professional will come and fix it absolutely free.


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