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The Only 20-Year Warranty in the Business (SafeGuard Gutters with Gutterman of TN)


Chances are you won’t need it (because of our high-quality work), but if you do (crazy weather is uncontrollable), Gutterman of TN provides a 20-year, FULL MAINTENANCE warranty on your gutter guards. No one else in the area is doing this, but our team stands by our work because YOU took time to invest in your home and our team.


SafeGuard covers are made of aluminum framing and stainless steel mesh, which allows water to swiftly flow off of the roof and through the gutters. Because of its design, it virtually eliminates clogs, which means less time spent on the ladder and less money spent on hiring someone to clean your gutters each year. SafeGuard is much stronger than traditional gutters and is engineered to withstand much more weight and pressure than a standard gutter.



The SafeGuard gutter itself is a roomy, 6-inch gutter capable of handling more water than most gutter guards on the market. The bottom of the gutter is 3 1/4 inches wide to accommodate a larger downspout.


SafeGuard features super-sized 3”x4” downspouts that quickly flush water and small debris out of your gutters.


We use heavy-duty, hidden hangers when installing SafeGuard. The SafeGuard hangers will securely fasten and support your gutters, are suitable for all weather, and will last practically forever.